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Top 5 Ways to Have Fun Indoors

Top 5 Ways to Beat the Summer Heat: Have Fun While Staying Inside

With summer in full swing here in the south, our family has had to improvise when it comes to choosing between staying cool and finding something to do inside or braving the heat and playing outdoors. We’ve more often than not had to limit our outdoor time to the early morning or the evening. With the temperature going into the upper 90s and sometimes even triple digits - plus the humidity- it’s not safe for anyone to be out there for an extended period of time. With that said, I hope the following ideas give you an idea of what we’ve been up to the past few weeks while we’re waiting for the heatwave to pass us by.

1. Painter’s tape is your friend

Whether you make a roadway on the floor for those little cars to go zooming on or make a hopscotch court for the little ones to get their energy out, everyone is liable to have fun no matter what you create. And the best part is there’s no sticky residue left over! There were endless ideas that I found on Pinterest involving indoor activities with painter’s tape. So be sure to load up on several rolls for this summer, and most of the time it can be found at the dollar store. Cheap and fun!

1. The Parents Network 2. Adventures In Wunderland 3. Pretty Handy Girl 4. ALSC blog

2. DIY Finger Paint

Yes, you can go out and buy the standard finger paints that most of us have sitting in our craft closets. But why not make your own and have peace of mind knowing exactly what’s in them and not have to worry about your little ones accidentally putting their fingers in their mouth while still covered in the colorful mess? Here are just a few of the finger paint recipes that I can’t wait to try out.

Another great tip for finger painting is: Use a cookie sheet big enough to hold the piece of paper being used. That way no newspaper or plastic needs to be put on the table to protect it from paint and the masterpiece can be easily moved while wet since it will be contained in the cookie sheet. And if you use cookie sheets that have sides, the little artists’ work can be stacked on top of each other to dry.

1. Powerful Mothering 2. Growing a Jeweled Rose 3. Kids Playbox 4. Over the Big Moon

3. Camping is Always Fun
For Christmas, I made our little one her own play tent that she can use anytime indoors and she loves it! Not only was it cheap and easy to make but it folds up flat enough to fit under her bed when she’s not playing with it. Before she had this tent, we used to make our own little tents and forts. All you need is a table, a couple of chairs, or a few pillows stacked up. Throw a sheet or blanket across any of those and it makes a perfect getaway for your kids when they want to make believe they’re camping in the wilderness. Throw in some s’mores made in the oven, a couple of flashlights, and a spooky (or non-spooky depending on their age) story and you’re good to go!

1. Melissa and Doug Blog 2. Lindsay and Drew 3. Premeditated Leftovers 4. My Frugal Adventures

4. Everyone in the Water!
No, I’m not saying have one installed in your bonus room - just have some fun in the tub! Whether you don’t have access to a pool or you just don’t want to be in the heat and blistering sun, the kids can still have some fun in the water. If your little one isn’t afraid of the dark, you can experiment with glow water and glowing bath paint. Or spend some time during the day making soaps with prizes inside and there will be no more resistance at bathtime.

1. Growing a Jeweled Rose 2. New Leaf Wellness 3. Frogs Snails and Puppy Dog Tails 4. Bath Activities for Kids

5. Indoor Scavenger Hunt
Whether you use a treasure map with an X to mark the spot or you use a list of things to find throughout your house, a search of any kind will get the kids using their minds while also getting out some energy. Another way to organize a scavenger hunt would be to snap extremely close-up pictures of things in the house and get the kids to try to figure out what they are and go find them.

1. No Time for Flash Cards 2. No Time for Flash Cards 3. Lil Luna 4. Hands on as We Grow

I hope these ideas have helped you put together a lineup of activities for the kids on those way-too-hot summer days, or even the rainy days that sneak up on us when it’s just impossible to get outside. Do you have a go-to indoor activity that your kids love? Please share it below since we can all use some new ideas when the kids are tired of the same old games.


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You can find Heather blogging at Lipgloss and Onesies Blog or pinning on Pinterest most nights after her little one has gone to bed. She really values that time at night to wind down and take a breather after the excitement of taking care of a busy 4 year old all day. She also likes to connect with her readers through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram