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Top 10 Types Of Educational Toy That Will Benefit Your Child

Educational Toys
Educational Toys

How does a child best learn? We believe the way a child learns best, is through the powerful medium of play. Our youngsters have a unique ability to turn anything into a game, sometimes without the need for any props at all, and sometimes with the help of a toy that can spark the imagination, or ingenuity of their spongy minds.

Certain toys lend themselves well to creative and inspiring play, so we have composed a list of 10 types of educational toy that are sure to benefit your child. In no particular order, here they are:

Figures and Figurines

Do you remember back to when your favorite dolls and heroes could almost breath, and with a little imagination your figures could be flying through the air to rescue a princess from a fire-breathing dragon? A child can create a novel in their head as they imagine their way through distant lands with simple action figures.

Play Dough

A little messy no doubt, but who can deny the fun that can be had with some modeling clay. Play dough is kind of like a putty that you can mold into any shape, or even create characters or buildings out of. The sky's the limit for your child!

Puzzle Games

As they get a little older, your child might begin to find puzzle games intriguing... or perhaps irritating. For young children there are peg puzzles, which are the preliminary to jigsaws, and for the persistent child, try any manner of Christmas cracker puzzle game.

Board Games

Call us old fashioned, but we still think a board game is a really nice way to get everyone round a table together and have some fun. Even when the board game is not specifically educational, your child still learns about turn-taking, fair play, and other social skills.

Pretend Kitchen

An absolute classic is the plastic or wooden kitchen play units, that can even feature plastic food to serve up. Children love to play at adult roles.

Art Sets

Bring out the artists in your child, with any manner of art set. Let them splash color around, on plain paper, in a coloring book, or even let them finger paint. Art sets often come with pencils and paints, as well as a book full of ideas to get them in the mood for creating! If they are keen artists a little later on, encourage them to try Spirograph, a mind-warping geometric art set.

Cupcake Decoration Set

Nothing quite beats the feeling of being involved in the process of cooking or baking, and your child will be happy to put some beautiful final touches on some home baked cupcakes. Arty and delicious! As they get older, you can let them help out more and more with the actual baking, until one day they are making you cake while you put your feet up.

Science Experiment Kits

One of my favorite toys growing up was my chemistry set, which allowed me to make brilliant blue crystals out of a liquid, and make little reactions in a test tube. Later on, I had to choose out of a spaceship toy and a microscope. I choose a microscope and couldn't quite get over the world that lay inside each leaf. Science experiments kits can open up a whole world for children.

Maths Challenges

There are lots of maths exercise books that are aimed at children, and it is surprising (or not) how much they tend to enjoy them. Not quite a toy, we admit, but maths challenges are certainly an educational and fun option for your child.

Construction Toys

These are our favorite educational toys. That is why we made Click-A-Brick™. Construction toys allow your child to build and create, to imagine and play. They have been linked to improvements in motor skills as well as cognitive increase. They have a rich history, and have been inspiring children and adults alike for many generations. Also, they are a whole lot of fun!