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6 Ways to Get Your Kids to Jump Out of Bed in the Morning for School

Click-A-Brick educational building toy for boys and girls

The time for school is upon us again!

Your kids are going to be returning to school soon and it’s time to get them back in school mode. Rather than waiting until the beginning of the school year to get them into school mode, though, you can start now and have them ready for school by the first day of school.

Here are nine expert tips on how to get kids ready for the start of school.

  1. Re-establish school routines with your child

Click-A-Brick educational building toy for boys and girlsKelly Vaillancourt - National Association of School Psychologists



Vaillancourt suggests using the last week of summer to get your child back into their usual school routine. "Have your child practice getting up and getting dressed at the same time every morning," she says.

It’s not just getting up in the morning. She also suggests eating breakfast, lunch and dinner around the same times they will be eating them when they are in school. If possible, also try to arrange some morning activities outside the home in the week leading up to school so your child gets used to leaving the house right away rather than lounging around after breakfast.  

  1. Instill them with a sense of independence

Click-A-Brick educational building toy for boys and girlsNicole Pfleger - School Counselor



One of the best things about school is that it teaches children to be independent. You can help foster this independence by talking to them ahead of time about all the new responsibilities they’ll encounter. Pfelger suggests getting your children to organize their own school supplies in preparation for going back, making sure they know they have to write down assignments and do their homework.

Even the wee ones can have this sense of independence instilled in them by learning to write their own name and tying their own shoes.

"The transition to school will be easier for everyone if your child can manage basic needs without relying on an adult," Pfleger says.

  1. Create a designated area for getting ready for school

In order to avoid those last minute scrambles for the school bus, designate an area in your home where school bags and lunch boxes are placed consistently. To go even further, have your child write a list of things they need to remember to take to school and post it by the door.

"Parents and teachers should do whatever they can to facilitate a child being responsible," says Pfleger.

Click-A-Brick educational building toy for boys and girls

  1. Create a designated area for homework

Make doing homework a daily part of your child’s routine, at least on weekdays. You can help do this by establishing a time and place for doing homework.

"Even if it’s the kitchen table, it really helps if kids know that’s where they sit down and do homework, and that it happens at the same time every day," says Pfleger.

Also, make sure you make yourself available to kids during homework time. You don’t actually have to sit with them, but make sure they know they can come to you for help if they get stuck.

  1. Try to have after school plans arranged

Because school gets out before most parents are finished work, you may need to arrange some kind of after school activity for your children to do. You may be able to find one through the school itself or through children’s clubs in your community.

  1. Get the entire family involved

Sit down with your children and create a routine chart with their input. Ask them what they would prefer to do first when they get home from school: play or get their homework out of the way. Ask them what after school snacks they prefer, etc.

"The more kids have ownership in creating a routine for themselves and setting expectations, the more likely they are to follow it," says Vaillancourt.

By following these six simple tips, your child will be ready for school and may just be up before you and helping you get ready for work. To keep the learning going even outside of school hours, we suggest getting some Click-A-Bricks.