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Back to School Activities: Full STEAM Ahead!

Back to School STEAM Activities

September carries an air of excitement - and some nervous butterflies - as school bells start to ring once again and your Little Ones start a new year.

But, going back to school isn’t just about returning to regular schedules and homework assignments. It’s also a season of new discovery and creative adventures.

To make the start of the school year something to look forward to, here are five school-themed STEAM activities that will engage your kids in fun, creative and meaningful learning.

S is for Science and Shape Bubble Wands.

Create your own colorful bubble wand in your backyard and explore some bubble science along the way. You can even make your own bubble solution to go with it. Check out for more information.

Bubble Activity

  • T is for Technology and Teaching Simple Coding through Jewelry.

  • Take some pipe cleaners, a bunch of colorful beads and spell your new classmates’ names (or a secret message) in binary code. This simple craft will not only teach your kids the fundamentals of coding, it will also create a beautiful, personalized piece of jewelry. Visit for the full instructions.

  • E is for Engineering with Click-a-Bricks

  • Building blocks are powerful learning tools so grab your Click-A-Bricks and let your child construct a cool machine or even a whole animal kingdom.

  • A is for Art and Art Spinners.

  • If you have an old CD, you can turn it into a cool art spinner with some glue, colorful paint and a marker top. Visit for the step-by-step guide.

  • M is for Math and Monster Skip Counting Games.

  • Anytime you can combine math and a fun craft activity for kids it’s a win. Grab some paper, colorful markers and some characters and create a monster board game with a sequence of numbers showing skip counting by 2's, 5's, 10's or 100's. For more information, visit

    Skip Counting Game for Kids

    Doing these crafty STEAM activities will launch eager students into a brand-new world of creative learning. Wishing all student and parents a fun and exciting new school year!