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Make These Super Easy Crayon Experiments

Crayon Experiments For Kids

Parents and anyone who has ever spent some time around children know that they are obsessed with crayons. What you might not know is that besides nurturing coloring skills and creative abilities, these brightly-colored wax sticks are also great little tools for making eye-catching science experiments.

With a little preparation and intent, crayons can be transformed into educational experiences that involve science, fine motor skills, cognitive thinking and, naturally, creative expression.

  1. Vibrant Suncatchers

Welcome the summer sun and make the most of a hot day with this colorful craft activity. Kids will be excited to reusing stray crayons and a few everyday items (think pencil sharpener, wax paper, glue) to create these beautiful home decor items. Get the details at KinderArt.

  1. Crayon Rock Art

Melted Crayon Rock Art

Do your kids love collecting rocks and pebbles? Yep, thought so. Then why not jazz up those mineral formations with some colorful crayons and make some fun garden decorations. This experiment requires adult assistance due to the oven, but kids will enjoy combining different colors in unique patterns. Get step-by-step direction from The Things I Love Most.

  1. Melted Crayon Art

If you’re looking for a cool craft to do with your kiddo who is able to handle some of the mess, these pretty crayon drip creations make for a fun activity - and some pretty special gifts for family and friends. Blast neatly lined crayons with your hair dryer to get the drip effect and watch the swirly wax in action. Learn how at The Kindergarten Connection.

There are so many creative ways to use crayons to educate and inspire young minds beyond coloring in a book. Explore and experiment with different ideas and techniques and let us know what kind of cool crayon crafts you’ve created.