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Click-A-Brick Brand Manager Predicts Record Sales Year For Educational Construction Sets Toy Industry

Bolstered by Click-A-Brick’s strong showing since its launch, co-founder and brand manager Georg de Gorostiza predicts 2015 will see the best sales year yet for educational construction sets.

Click-A-Brick got off to a rapid pace with the release of its Animal Kingdom Safari 30-piece 5-in-1 construction set on Dec. 10, moving about 200 units within a half-hour and easily surpassing its first week sales milestone.

The quick start that Click-A-Brick has gotten off to is an indication that parents value this type of educational toy for their children, de Gorostiza says, and he believes 2015 will be a sort of renaissance year for the educational construction sets toy industry as parents rediscover this type of classic toy.

“Although the children of today are born into a world full of technology and they start learning about electronic games from an extremely early stage, nothing beats the hands on fun of building blocks,” de Gorostiza said. “I think parents will remember their own childhoods and how much fun they had growing up with building blocks and they’ll want the same thing for their own kids. Our early success to me was a harbinger of things to come for this particular segment of the toy industry and I’m glad Click-A-Brick can be a part of it.”

Strong brand recognition, lucrative endorsement deals and high profile events like feature movies have all helped the big players in the toy building block segment in recent years, but de Gorostiza says he believes there is room for small players like Click-A-Brick to thrive providing they have something that sets them apart from the more well-known brands.

In Click-A-Brick’s case, their construction sets can connect from all sides, making them more dynamic than other building block sets.

De Gorostiza says if his prediction comes true, it will prove to be highly lucrative for not only Click-A-Brick, but other smaller companies looking to get into the building block segment.

“Obviously I don’t think Click-A-Brick is going to be responsible for a record year of sales for educational building block toys all on its own, but I think it will add to what I believe is shaping up to be a strong year for this segment of the toy industry.”