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Click-A-Brick Listens To Customers, Chooses Next Building Block Set

Click-A-Brick asked and its loyal customers have responded.

The building block toy company polled select customers who purchased its Click-A-Brick Animal Kingdom Safari 30pc Educational Toys Building Blocks Set for Boys and Girls about what type of theme they wanted to see for its next set.

The 200 customers that Click-A-Brick emailed chose a military theme for the next set over other options including police, dinosaurs and space exploration. As part of the survey, customers also called for larger sets.

Armed with this information, the Click-A-Brick team now has plans to release the Click-A-Brick Army Defenders 100pc Educational Toys Building Blocks Set for Boys and Girls. The set will come with a full instruction manual on how to build a number of different military items and will feature colors commonly associated with military forest/jungle camouflage: green, brown and black, plus white pieces.

Click-A-Brick co-founder and Brand Manager Georg de Gorostiza says he’s excited to be releasing the company’s next set now that it has established a foothold in the industry.

“The popularity of the Animal Kingdom Safari set completely blew us away,” de Gorostiza said. “We had set modest goals for ourselves and we thought we’d need some luck to reach those goals, but people really responded to it well and we ended up blowing right past our sales goals. That first set was us dipping our toe into the water, so to speak, but with the Army Defenders set, we’re ready to dive in. We think people are going to love this new set and what we have planned for the future. These 100 piece sets are the ones that will put Click-A-Brick on the map.”

Like its current building blocking set, the Army Defenders set will be available through It will also be connectable to the Animal Kingdom Safari set, allowing children to mix and match the bricks from the two different sets to create even more fun items to play with.

The new set promises the same building freedom that Click-A-Brick is known for, allowing children to connect the bricks from all sides and various angles not possible with other building block sets. For even more innovation, the Army Defenders set will come with new, unique pieces that will allow children’s creations to move like ready-built toys.

No date has been finalized for the release of the Army Defenders set yet, but the company is eyeing an early April 2015 launch.