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Building Toy Company Click-A-Brick Congratulates Independent Toy Awards Winners

The crew at Click-A-Brick congratulate the winners in the Construction category of the Toy Shop UK Independent Toy Awards, saying all three Construction category winners have a unique take on building toys.

Click Blocks from toymaker Bigjigs Toys won the Gold Medal in the Construction category while the Slot-together castle with an Usborne book from Usborne Publishing took the Silver Medal and Arckit building sets from Arckit received the Bronze Medal.

The awards process for the 7th annual Independent Toy Awards asked more than 900 independent toy retailers listed with Toy Shop UK for their favorite toys in 25 different categories.

“This year’s list of winning toys features a truly diverse mix of products which I think perfectly reflects the life, character and occasionally eclectic nature of the independent toy retailers that bring so much to this industry,” Toy Shop UK founder, Michael Hawkins said.

Each of the award winners in the Construction category presents a different take on the building toy, something Click-A-Brick Co-Founders Jason Smith and Georg de Gorostiza are happy to see, as more variety in the market means providing more educational toy options for consumers.

Click Blocks are simple wooden blocks that click together similar to Lego. The slot-together castle from Usborne is a buildable castle made from sturdy, press-out foamboard pieces that slot together and the Arckit sets allow users to build realistic building models from snap-together plastic pieces.

What the three award winners bring to the table for building toys is diversity, which Click-A-Brick Co-Founders Jason Smith and Georg de Gorostiza say helps keep the market segment fresh for consumers.

“Every year, when the hot toy lists come out, there is inevitably at least one building toy on these lists,” Smith said. “That’s because there are constantly new building sets coming out and each of them is a bit different and appeals to a slightly different audience and consumers like variety. The biggest toy maker in the world makes nothing but building blocks, and while they’re great and their cultural influence can’t be denied, it’s important to consistently introduce variety into the building toy segment so it doesn’t get stale.”

Part of the attraction of the three Construction category award winners is that each of them would appeal to a different age range, with Click Blocks appealing to young children, the snap-together castle appealing to older children and Arckit potentially drawing in teens who are interested in architecture and building design.

“With science, technology, engineering and math skills playing a more important role in how parents choose toys, it’s a good thing to have toys that offer these elements across a broad range of ages,” said de Gorostiza, who also acts as Click-A-Brick’s Brand Manager.

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