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Building Block Toy Company Click-A-Brick Announces Herbivores And Dino Pals Dino Deal

Building block toy company Click-A-Brick has announced that it intends to make a Dino Deal package so more parents can give their children the gift of stronger development and education through play.

With the Dino Deal, announced at the same time as Click-A-Brick launched its latest dinosaur themed set Herbivores, anyone who purchases a Herbivores set will receive a Dino Pals set for free.

Herbivores is a 100-piece set and Dino Pals, released in July of 2015, is a 30-piece set, meaning parents, grandparents or other caregivers who purchase the new set will receive another 30 Click-A-Bricks at no additional charge for a total of 130 Click-A-Bricks.

Founder and Owner Georg de Gorostiza says the Dino Deal is meant to give customers more bang for the buck and more dinos for their dollar.

“The Dino Deal gets educational toys into the hands of more children and that’s the most important thing to us here at Click-A-Brick,” de Gorostiza said. “We’d put a set into every five year old’s hands if we could. Strong development and educational fun is crucial for raising smart kids who love to learn, so giving parents the ability to receive 30 more bricks for no additional cost just seemed like the right thing to do. Plus, we’re releasing a new dinosaur set and we have an existing dinosaur set, so it just made sense to package them in this deal.”

Dino Pals has been a consistently good seller in Click-A-Brick’s stable of 30-piece sets, de Gorostiza says, so pairing it with the Herbivores set should give the new 100-piece set a bit of a boost out of the gate.

Between the Herbivores, and Dino Pals sets, children can learn about nine different dinosaurs by building and playing with them. The Herbivores set comes with instructions to build a Triceratops, a Brontosaurus, a Stegosaurus, an Ankylosaurus and two Parasaurolophus. Meanwhile, the Dino Pals set comes with instructions to build a Carnotaurus, a Pteranodon, a Plesiosaur and a Triceratops.

Bricks from both of the sets are compatible with each other, so the two sets can be mixed to build all new creations. They are also compatible with all other Click-A-Brick sets, allowing for virtually unlimited open-ended play.

To take advantage of the Dino Deal, customers can just visit the Click-A-Brick Amazon page and purchase a Herbivores set. They will automatically be given the option to accept a Dino Pals set with their purchase.