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Educational Building Toy Click-A-Brick Launches New 100-Piece Set: Carnivores

Educational building toy company Click-A-Brick has launched its newest set, the 100-piece dinosaur-themed Carnivores, which is now available on Click-A-Brick’s Amazon page.

Featuring bricks of red, yellow, gray and white, the latest offering from the educational toy company comes with instructions so children ages five and up can build a variety of meat-eating monsters. The newest offering is also compatible with the rest of Click-A-Brick’s sets.

With the 30-piece Dino Pals set being one of Click-A-Brick’s top sellers, releasing a bigger, better dinosaur set was an obvious choice for the educational building toy company, Founder and Owner Georg de Gorostiza says. Young children tend to absolutely love the giant, extinct lizards and with the Jurassic Park franchise back up and running, now was the ideal time to strike while dinosaurs are hot again, as they often are.   

“The new set has a T-rex, obviously,” de Gorostiza said. “We knew that we had to get one of those into a dinosaur set. They’re like the A-list celebrities of the dinosaur world. But, we’ve also got a spinosaurus in there. Those were even bigger and badder than the T-rexes. Velociraptors are another must-have in a Carnivore set. There’s even air and water dinosaurs represented with the pterodactyl and the mosasaur. They’re all ferocious meat eaters and we’re sure kids will love them.”

Rather than just release another general dinosaur set, the company wanted to add to the educational aspect of the toy by grouping together carnivorous dinosaurs so children can learn about them and the difference between them and herbivorous dinosaurs.

De Gorostiza says the company takes its role as a purveyor of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education seriously and wanted to make sure kids were learning as they were playing with the new sets. The owner says he hopes children are inspired by the Carnivores set to explore the world of dinosaurs more and use their imagination to try building other meat-eating dinosaurs.  

As with the rest of Click-A-Brick’s educational building toys, the bricks in the Carnivores set can be used to build in any direction, making them dynamic and stimulating children’s imaginations. The bright colors and approximate size of one inch on all sides make the bricks engaging for kids while being easy to grasp for building and taking apart. The bricks help develop children’s cognitive abilities, creativity and fine motor skills while also allowing for parents to interact with their children.