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Educational Toy Brand Click-A-Brick Announces Army Defenders Back In Stock

Educational toy brand Click-A-Brick has announced that after weeks of being unavailable, it has finally replenished its stock of 100-piece Army Defenders sets and can start filling backorders for customers who are eager to get their hands on one of the sets.

Army Defenders was Click-A-Brick’s initial 100-piece set and has traditionally been a good seller for the brand. Founder and CEO Georg de Gorostiza says he is happy and relieved that the company is able to start filling some of the many backorders it has for Army Defenders.

“We’re so happy that Army Defenders is back in stock,” de Gorostiza said. “It’s every company’s nightmare to have to tell customers that one of their biggest sellers is out of stock, but on a positive note, it means that people definitely love Army Defenders and want to buy it. We consider it as one of Click-A-Brick’s ‘classic’ sets because it was our second set to be released and it’s amazing to see how well it still sells today. Anyone who had an order in for an Army Defenders set should be receiving it soon and now that we know how much this particular set moves, we’re going to adjust our purchasing to make sure it doesn’t go out of stock again.”

Another reason he is relieved to have Army Defenders back in stock, de Gorostiza says, is because Click-A-Brick has started issuing bulk discounts for schools and the brand is expecting its original 100-piece set to be a big seller for schools.

De Gorostiza says running out of Army Defenders stock has been a valuable lesson for the brand and ultimately will prove to have been a positive experience, having helped the company solidify its ordering process and revealing bottlenecks that the company has been able to deal with as it restocks the popular set and gets ready for the expected influx of bulk orders from educational institutions.

With bricks of green, brown and black, inspired by military camouflage, plus bricks of white, yellow and clear and accompanying instructions to build nine different military vehicles and a robot, Army Defenders was a quick seller out of the gate for Click-A-Brick. Throughout the three years that it has been available on the Click-A-Brick Amazon store, the set has maintained a high rating, currently having a 4.2-star rating with 109 customer reviews, 72 percent of those being of the 5-star variety.