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Click-A-Brick Takes Pride In Learning Sets Continuing To Receive High Ratings On Amazon

The team at Click-A-Brick says they are extremely proud that three of their longest selling learning sets have retained such high ratings on Amazon and those high ratings are proof that parents value what Click-A-Brick provides to their children.

With 13 reviews, the brand’s 100-piece Rockin’ Racers set has a 4.4 out of five star rating with 69 percent of reviews being 5-star reviews. Meanwhile, Click-A-Brick’s 30-piece Rainforest Rascals and 30-piece Feather Friends sets both have a 4.2 out of five star rating. The Rainforest Rascals set has managed to retain that high mark with 90 reviews, 69 percent of them being of the 5-star variety. Feather Friends has even more reviews at 100, 65 percent of which are 5-star.

Click-A-Brick Founder and CEO Georg de Gorostiza says the high ratings are a source of pride for everyone at the company because they are validation of how well the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) toy accomplishes its goal of helping children learn and develop through play.

“The comments we get from parents and grandparents on Amazon are great,” de Gorostiza said. “They are overwhelmingly positive and they help us know what is working and even what isn’t working. People really seem to like that our sets are a tad more challenging than traditional learning sets in order to help children develop important skills that will help them later in life. Our sets are almost puzzle-like and this aspect helps build the spatial awareness ‘muscle’ that is so often underdeveloped. This skill, combined with the critical thinking needed to orient the pieces correctly are foundations in any STEM career. We are sneakily helping children learn while they play and customers are taking note.”

Many customers on Amazon say they appreciate the carrying bag that comes with each set, as it helps keep the bricks from getting lost, but even more so, they seem to appreciate the learning opportunities the bricks afford their children.

One customer identified as Kimberly Rogers said of the Rainforest Rascals set in her 5-star review:

“This set is new, fun and exciting. It took me (mom) a few minutes to get the hang of how to attach the cubes and follow the pattern. My son (8) had no problems and loved it. Definitely a different twist on building blocks. My son looks forward to us getting a few more sets.”

Another customer, identified as Maria M. Velascoon on Amazon, gave the Rainforest Rascals learning set a 5-star review and said:

“Really liked this toy. Dream of Engineer moms! Since pieces are not regular, I hope they will help develop 3D visualization capacity.”