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Learning Toy Click-A-Brick Participates In STEM Building Day, Announces School Discount

The team at learning toy company Click-A-Brick visited an elementary school in Calgary recently to participate in the school’s annual science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) building day to help promote the brand’s new bulk discount for schools. The team provided the elementary school with several Army Defenders sets so the students could build with them.

A Grade 5 science teacher at the school named Ralph gave his students the Click-A-Brick sets and asked them to build whatever they wanted. Many of his students used their imaginations to create items from scratch while others followed the instructions that came with the sets and some other students took inspiration from books they were reading and built characters and settings from their reading material.

Ralph, who has been teaching for 31 years, says he was quite impressed with Click-A-Brick and how his students responded to it.

“I took one Grade 5 class and simply let them experience Click-A-Brick and make whatever they wanted,” Ralph said. “Seeing the creativity of the students and what they came up with, it’s always nice as a teacher to find these things that work and I’m going to be using it. I teach a lot of science and it works really well in that.”

The Grade 5 students in Ralph’s class, ranging in age from nine to 11, pointed to various elements they enjoyed about working with Click-A-Brick. Some said they liked how it can build in any direction while others said they liked how the instructions that came with the sets challenged them.

Click-A-Brick Founder and CEO Georg de Gorostiza says he is pleased that Ralph’s Grade 5 class had fun building with the sets provided to the school.

“Since we’re an educational toy, the classroom is our natural environment, so to speak,” de Gorostiza said. “It was fun to see the creativity on display in Ralph’s class. At Click-A-Brick, we’re always encouraging customers to explore the toy’s educational potential and we saw that on display in the school. Students were making all kinds of things and they were really enjoying themselves, which is absolutely key for us. We’re hoping to see Click-A-Brick in a lot more schools.”

To accommodate the needs of schools and daycares, Click-A-Brick has started offering bulk discounts to these types of organizations. De Gorostiza says any school or daycare interested in purchasing Click-A-Brick in bulk to use in their classrooms should inquire about the discounts by emailing the company’s customer service at