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New Dinosaur Educational Building Block Sets Setting Record Sales For Click-A-Brick

Both of the new dinosaur-themed sets for educational building block toy company Click-A-Brick have started strong out of the gate. Carnivores and Herbivores, which are both 100-piece sets, are setting sales records for the company, shifting more units in their first month of availability than any other new release from the brand.

Click-A-Brick Founder and CEO Georg de Gorostiza says a number of factors have contributed to the success of the two sets, but the biggest contributor is the brand’s growing reputation as an effective science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) educational toy for young children.

“It’s taken a few years, but we feel that Click-A-Brick is now a recognized brand among parents as an effective and affordable toy for their kids that will teach them valuable skills and help with their development,” de Gorostiza said. “When we started out, we knew that we were wading into a crowded marketplace with all the other educational offerings out there, but we believed in our product and we are happy to see that parents do, too. We are thrilled that Carnivores and Herbivores have been selling so well and their early success shows that parents acknowledge us as a viable educational product for their children and we are quite proud of that.”

In addition to Click-A-Brick’s burgeoning reputation, de Gorostiza also points to the increasing interest parents have for STEM toys. The demand for STEM toys seems to be growing year after year and the toy company has been at the forefront of that demand since the brand’s inception in 2014.

Along with Click-A-Brick’s general affordability, another element in the success of Carnivores and Herbivores, de Gorostiza says, is the fact that they are dinosaur themed and dinosaurs have always remained popular with children. The brand’s 30-piece Dino Pals set has been a consistently high seller and the CEO says he had always suspected that another dinosaur-themed offering would do well.

And, lastly, de Gorostiza says Click-A-Brick’s Dino Deal also played a significant role in Carnivores and Herbivores becoming the brand’s best selling new sets in their first month of availability. With the Dino Deal, when customers purchase either one of the new 100-piece sets, they receive a 30-piece Dino Pals set at no additional cost. This means they get 130 pieces for the price of a single 100-piece set.

Both Carnivores and Herbivores are available for purchase on the Click-A-Brick Amazon store and on the Click-A-Brick website.