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Click-A-Brick Announces Launch Of Newest 100-Piece Emergency Services-Themed Building Block Set

Click-A-Brick has announced it will be launching its newest 100-piece building block set, an emergency services inspired set called Rescue Squad. Children can use the set, which will be launching tomorrow, to build nine different vehicles and a robot. The vehicles in the set that are inspired by emergency services vehicles include:

a police car,
a search and rescue helicopter,
a search plane,
a search and rescue boat, and
a search and rescue truck.

Other vehicles children can build with the set are:

two different race cars,
a train, and
a jet.

Click-A-Brick Co-Founders Jason Smith and Georg de Gorostiza say the release of Rescue Squad continues the brand’s tradition of vehicle themes that introduce children to the world around them. Vehicles aside from the regular cars and trucks they see on the road at any given time are especially interesting for them.

“We have a lot more animal sets than vehicle sets, but they’re both kind of traditional for us,” Smith said. “For kids that just get to ride in the family SUV, things like search and rescue vehicles hold a lot of interest for them. Planes, helicopters, police cars, race cars, these are things most kids don’t get to experience for real so they are generally curious about them. We like to be that window to the world for kids, a way to introduce them to all the wonder and splendor that surrounds them. And if we can be an inspiration to them, we welcome that, too.”

Like the company’s two other recent building block launches, Bug’s Life followed closely by Sandy Sidekicks, Rescue Squad launches simultaneously in the United States and the United Kingdom on Amazon in each country. Eventually, the set will also be available on the company’s own website along with the rest of its sets. Releasing both Bug’s Life and Sandy Sidekicks at the same time in both countries worked well and the toy retailers are expecting it to work just as well for Rescue Squad.

“The concurrent launch of Bug’s Life and Sandy Sidekicks in the US and the UK helped the initial numbers for those two sets and we’re banking on the same thing happening for Rescue Squad,” Smith said. “It continues to help us grow steadily in the UK market as we ramp up plans for a full push into Europe.”

Click-A-Brick plans to release specialty sets later in the year like sets that have computerized components. All of the brand’s sets will now be launched in both the US and the UK at the same time.

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