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Parents Say Building Block Toy Click-A-Brick™ Inspires, Engages And Stimulates While Kids Say It’s Fun

From its catchy name to its imagination-stimulating design, parents and children alike love Click-A-Brick™. Consumer testing of North America’s newest building block toys for both boys and girls has revealed what parents and their children enjoy about the building sets.

Parents love Click-A-Brick™’s larger pieces (2cm by 2cm on average) because they are easy for toddlers to handle, they cannot be swallowed and the bricks are less likely to get lost in the carpet where they can become a safety hazard.

They also appreciate how Click-A-Brick™ keeps their children entertained for hours, stimulating their imaginations and inspiring them to build multiple creations. Whether following the easy instructions or just letting their imaginations run wild, kids kept busy connecting, building, disconnecting and rebuilding for hours during customer trials.

Children cited Click-A-Brick™’s unique design as being among their favorite features of the building sets. With connectors and spaces to connect to on all sides, Click-A-Brick™ allows children to build both upwards and downwards or outwards in any direction, even diagonally. This means Click-A-Brick™ gives children more options for building, rather than having to start from the bottom and just build upwards.

“I like that it's more three dimensional than other building blocks,” one mother said during consumer testing. “The kids can build in all directions and there’s lots of possible combinations, which is great for their imaginations. I saw that the kids had to turn the cubes around to figure them out. When I see them doing that, I know they’re learning things like problem solving as they build whatever they’re building.”

Even the sounds of Click-A-Brick™ garnered high praise from the toughest of customers.

“I had fun and I want to keep playing with it,” one five-year-old girl said. “I like the clicking sound they make when they snap together.”

Consumer feedback thus far has proven to the Click-A-Brick™ team that they’ve reached their goal of creating an affordable, educational toy for children that not only keeps them engaged, but stimulates their minds, Click-A-Brick™ brand manager Georg de Gorostiza says.

“When we started Click-A-Brick™, our goal was to create a toy that parents could feel good about purchasing,” says de Gorostiza. “It wasn’t just about keeping kids merely entertained or busy, it was about helping them develop mentally by giving them a toy that would spark their creativity and helping them develop physically by giving them a toy that would be easy for them to handle.”

Click-A-Brick™’s Animal Safari Kingdom 30-piece 5-in-1 building set is currently available on