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Click-A-Brick™ Makes Newest Building Block Toy More Affordable For Families This Holiday Season

Because people have enough expenses at Christmas, Click-A-Brick™ wants to help parents afford the newest connectible building block toy on the market by lowering the price of its Animal Kingdom Safari building block set to $19.99

By making Click-A-Brick™ more affordable, the company hopes that more families will be able to give the gift of imagination stimulation for Christmas, says Click-A-Brick™ Brand Manager Georg de Gorostiza.

“We know Christmas lists can become expensive endeavors after buying just a few gifts,” de Gorostiza says. “And we also know that finding educational toys that stimulate creative thinking and cognitive ability isn’t always easy. So, by lowering Click-A-Brick™’s price, we want to give more families a chance to get affordable educational toys at a time when they’re already likely spending a lot on other things.”

Similarly sized building block sets can retail for around $30, putting them out of the reach of families that are still spending somewhat tentatively after the recent recession. But Click-A-Brick™ believes that remaining financially prudent shouldn’t mean depriving children of the opportunity to receive the gift of toys that will help them with their mental and physical development. Families can have the best of both worlds this Christmas, saving money at an expensive time of year while giving their children an educational toy.

About Click-A-Brick™

Conveniently available on, Click-A-Brick™ building toys can now be purchased in the 30-piece, 5-in-1 Animal Kingdom Safari set. Using the easy-to-handle 2cm by 2cm blocks, boys and girls can create all kinds of animals like lions, camels, monkeys, wolves, giraffes or whatever their imaginations can come up with.

The larger block size means Click-A-Brick™ is less of a choking hazard than other building block toys on the market, making them ideal for children ages 3 and up. Their larger size also makes it easy for toddlers to separate them and prevents the bricks from getting lost in the carpet and becoming a hazard. As they are made from ABS plastic with no PVC or toxic materials, Click-A-Brick™ is also completely safe.

Click-A-Brick™ promotes creative thinking and problem solving skills in children while easily keeping their attention for longer periods. Preschool-aged children improve their motor skills as they connect and disconnect the blocks while older kids get creatively stimulated by the challenge of following the instructions to build an item or by imagining something and figuring out how to build what they see in their mind. And children of all ages love to hear that distinctive Click-A-Brick™ click. It tells them their creations are being securely made and tells parents their children are being engaged and having fun.