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Click-A-Brick™ Launch Massive Success

Click-A-Brick™ shot out of the gate on its launch day, selling almost 200 Animal Kingdom Safari 30-piece 5-in-1 building block sets within 30 minutes from its page.

In addition to the lightning speed of its sales, Click-A-Brick™ built up a waiting list of over 530 customers who are eager to get their hands on the newest and most unique building toy available.

Even though he was confident that Click-A-Brick™ had promoted itself well before launch day, the scale of the demand still came as a pleasant surprise to brand manager Georg de Gorostiza.

“Launch day went better than we could have ever imagined,” de Gorostiza says. “When you introduce a new product into a competitive market, there’s always a bit of trepidation that things might not go as well as you would like, but we have a great marketing team and we believe in this product and the successful launch shows that. I think it also shows that parents are ready to embrace a new kind of building block toy and we’re glad we could deliver that toy.”

The Click-A-Brick™ launch went so well, in fact, that the company had to stop the promotion due to the overwhelming demand. However, Click-A-Brick™ stock will be replenished soon to fulfill both outstanding orders and for new customer orders.

A Unique Offering

Part of the overwhelming demand for Click-A-Brick™ can be traced back to comments and impressions on parents and children alike during consumer testing of the toy. Click-A-Brick™’s ability to connect from all sides was a hit with both parents and their kids. Unlike other building toys, Click-A-Brick™ doesn’t have to be started on the bottom and built upward. There really is no “bottom” or “top” to a Click-A-Brick™ brick, meaning it prompts kids to build in whatever direction they deem fit to make their creations.

Parents saw their children engaged for hours by Click-A-Brick™ during consumer tests and appreciated that their kids were learning how to follow along with instructions, how to think creatively and how to bring to life what they imagined.

Click-A-Brick™ also has a larger block size on average than other building block setsThe 2cm by 2cm block size means the choking hazard is minimal and the ABS plastic they’re made of is completely safe and toxin-free. The act of connecting and disconnecting helps develop the motor skills of toddlers and Click-A-Brick™’s clicking sound adds even more fun to the building process.