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Click-A-Brick™ Backs Promise Of Satisfaction With Money-Back Guarantee

Click-A-Brick™ is so confident that customers will love its product that it’s backing the Animal Kingdom Safari 30-piece 5-in-1 set currently available on with a money-back guarantee.

Now, parents who may have been somewhat tentative to buy a building block toy they hadn’t heard of before can purchase it risk-free. If their children are not engaged and having fun with Click-A-Brick™, they can return the product for a refund.

But, if the responses from parents and children during consumer testing are anything to go by, Click-A-Brick™ doesn’t foresee many refund requests, brand manager Georg de Gorostiza says.

“A money-back guarantee is no small thing to offer,” de Gorostiza says. “But we’re confident in our product and we believe both parents and children will be one hundred percent satisfied with it. With the sale price, dropping the shipping fee and now offering a money-back guarantee, we are inviting all parents to give Click-A-Brick™ a try affordably and completely risk free. We will honor all refund requests, but we don’t expect there will be many to fulfill.”

High Praise

The confidence of the Click-A-Brick™ team has been bolstered by both overwhelmingly positive responses during its consumer testing phase and the product’s highly successful launch day, which saw it sell out in just a half-hour.

Some of the highest praise for Click-A-Brick™ from parents comes from its well-thought-out design, which makes the bricks connectible from all sides. At first, this small design feature may not seem like much of a difference from other building sets, but when children start playing with them, it soon becomes apparent why the design works so well. By being connectable from all sides, Click-A-Brick™ eschews the need to begin building something from the bottom and working upwards. Instead, it encourages kids to start their creation wherever they see fit and work outwards from all directions.

Parents appreciated this design element of Click-A-Brick™, noting that it seemed to stimulate their children more than other building sets they had played with before. It helps develop children’s cognitive thinking ability and their problem solving skills, particularly in older children, as they imagine something and then figure out how to build in real life what they see in their imagination.

Another design element that parents love is Click-A-Brick™’s 2cm by 2cm size, which virtually eliminates any choking hazard while also being easy to grip by small hands. Connecting and disconnecting the bricks helps toddlers develop their motor skills as they play.

Children also had high praise for Click-A-Brick™ during consume testing, citing the toy’s ability to build in all directions, plus its fun clicking sound.