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Parents Call For Bigger Sets From Children’s Learning Toy Click-A-Brick

Bigger may not always be better, but it’s definitely in demand, at least with Click-A-Brick. As part of its recent survey to find out what parents wanted to see as the theme for the next sets from Click-A-Brick, the company also asked what else customers wanted to see from the children’s learning toy. The top answer that came back was bigger sets.

Click-A-Brick’s current offering on, the Animal Kingdom Safari 30pc Educational Toys Building Blocks Set for Boys and Girls, has just over two dozen pieces and while that has been reported by parents to keep children entertained for hours on end, the thought from parents is that the more pieces a set has, the more fun and engagement it will provide for children.

Co-founder for Click-A-Brick Jason Smith says Click-A-Brick doesn’t just want to bump up its sets by a little, so they’ve decided to increase the piece count by a substantial amount.

“We’re committed to giving the customers what they want and what they want is bigger sets with way more pieces,” Smith said. “With the Animal Kingdom Safari set, we were testing the waters to see if there would be demand for a new type of learning toy in the building toy segment and it turns out there is quite a lot of demand for it. So, the next logical step for us -- especially given what people have told us in our survey -- is to release some bigger sets.”

The toy company had considered doubling the number of bricks to 60 or even tripling it to 90, but has decided to go big by raising the number of bricks to a whopping 100. The thought is that if children loved creating with 30 pieces, 100 pieces will keep them engaged more and for longer.

Bigger sets will mean that children can build bigger structures and use their imaginations even more without being limited by running out of bricks to connect. All new sets will be connectible to the current Animal Kingdom Safari set, meaning children will be able to mix and match colors and bricks from the various sets, giving them even more freedom to build to their heart’s content with the market’s newest children’s learning toy.

Smith says parents can expect to see different colours in the future, too. The company wants to release sets in more bold, primary colors to go along with the more Earth tones of the Animal Kingdom Safari set.