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Click-A-Brick Announces Survey Results For Future Building Toy Sets

The results of Click-A-Brick’s customer feedback survey are in and consumers are leaning toward themes that involve service personnel.

In a tight race, army- and police-related themes took the top spots in the survey, which Click-A-Brick sent to select customers who purchased its Animal Kingdom Safari 30-piece 5-in-1 building toy set on Those two themes narrowly edged out space and dinosaurs for the top spots in the survey.

In an effort to engage customers and let them have a say in the brand’s future offerings, Click-A-Brick randomly selected and emailed 200 of its customers to inquire about what themes they would like to see for its next sets. They were given a list of choices for building toy sets for both boys and girls, plus unisex options. The customers were also encouraged to either talk to the children they had purchased the Animal Kingdom Safari set for or, in the case of younger children, imagine what they would want to see them playing with.

The company also wanted to find out if consumers believed it was important to have gender specific sets or if they felt unisex options would be more beneficial for children. Lastly, the survey was also a way for the company to do some market research on its customer base.

Co-Founder and Brand Manager Georg de Gorostiza says he and fellow Co-Founder Jason Smith were mildly surprised with the results.

“If I was a betting man, I would have probably put my money on dinosaurs,” de Gorostiza says. “Back when I was a kid, they pretty much ruled the toy industry. But, I guess this is an indication of how times change. It may be a reflection of what kids are being exposed to nowadays. Police and the armed forces have been in the news and the public consciousness a lot lately. Certainly, adult customers would know that, but I think this is a bit of an indication that kids are picking up on that, too. We asked the customers to talk with their kids about what they wanted and the indication was a lot of the kids themselves picked army- and police-related sets.”

The survey results also indicated that unisex sets that didn’t specifically cater to boys or girls were also favored by consumers, but it wasn’t an overwhelming majority. Click-A-Brick plans to release building toy sets for both boys and girls in the future, as well as more unisex options.