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Educational Learning Toy Company Click-A-Brick Releases Next Two Sets

Educational learning toy company Click-A-Brick has released its next two sets: Feather Friends and Mighty Machines. Feather Friends features several bird creations children can make while Mighty Machines makes construction equipment that kids can play with after building them. The Click-A-Brick team says they felt they needed to release two sets at once so they could keep up with demand for the toy.

Due to the success of its launch with the 30-piece Animal Kingdom Safari set followed by the 100-piece Army Defenders set, the Click-A-Brick team has decided to revisit that strategy with the release of the 30-piece Feather Friends set and the 100-piece Mighty Machines set. However, unlike their first two sets, these next two are being released simultaneously.

Click-A-Brick Co-Founders Jason Smith and Georg de Gorostiza say the decision to release two sets at the same time was driven by the demand for the toy and an effort to give consumers more variety under the Click-A-Brick name.

“The first two sets were selling so well that we were almost having trouble keeping them in stock, so we knew there was huge demand,” Smith said. “We decided to release two sets at once to meet the demand, but we also wanted to do something special for these next sets, make a bit of splash now that we’ve gotten a presence established. It also adds to the variety of what we offer. The more sets we get out there, the more choices customers have and the more of a chance they’ll find something that will appeal to the children they’re buying for. We thought we’d be lucky to have our fourth set released by the end of this year, but we’re happy to say that we were basically forced to release the next two sets out of sheer demand.”

Featuring bricks of yellow, red, green and blue, plus a set of eyes, children can make a variety of tropical birds with the Feather Friends set by following along with the included instructions. All bricks will be compatible with any other Click-A-Brick sets, allowing kids to combine sets.

The Mighty Machines set, meanwhile, features bricks of yellow, black and red, along with clear bricks and moving axles and wheels to accommodate moving parts and allow kids to play with the toys they create. The set will come with instructions to build a loader, a dump truck, a digger and a backhoe, plus a helicopter and other vehicles related to construction.

In keeping with its commitment to offering toys that either girls or boys can play with, the Click-A-Brick team wants customers to feel like they can buy either of the new sets for boys or girls.