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Growth Of Learning Toy Company Click-A-Brick Surpasses Founders’ Expectations

The growth of learning toy company Click-A-Brick has been so prolific that Co-Founders Jason Smith and Georg de Gorostiza have had to accelerate their plans for the company, something the pair say they can easily do.

As part of the acceleration process, the release of its latest sets earlier this month -- Feather Friends and Mighty Machines -- were pushed up in order to meet demand for the toy. The two sets were originally scheduled to be released separately in the autumn of this year and spring next year, but with the popularity of the toy, the release dates were combined and pushed up to accommodate demand.

Having surpassed its sales goals with both its first two offerings -- the flagship Animal Kingdom Safari set and the popular Army Defenders set -- the company wanted to keep up momentum in the crowded and competitive building toy market segment. The best way to do this, the businessmen have decided, is to keep releasing sets in a timely manner.

“Our growth to this point has beat out all our expectations,” Smith said. “The sheer popularity has been staggering. It’s been a real learning experience for us. We started Click-A-Brick at the right time, managing to hit a few key toy trends in 2015 and that has helped us a lot. There is a big focus this year on toys that allow children to make their own creations, plus learning toys have never been bigger than they are right now and that obviously bodes well for us. The Science, Technology, Engineering, Math movement in toys has really taken off and now Art and sometimes Reading is being grouped in with that. We fit right in there with both engineering and art, so we love the direction toy trends are going. With the release of another big dinosaur movie this year, they are also going to be hot again and we plan on getting in on that trend, too. Timing is a big part of success in business and we’re glad to say we’ve had some impeccable timing.”

Although its last two sets were just released this month, its next sets will be released shortly, as the company looks to offer greater variety for customers while maintaining the aforementioned momentum of its sales and catching more of this year’s big toy trends.

“We believe to be successful, you have to give the people what they want and this year it’s all about letting kids create, particularly with learning toys,” de Gorostiza, who also acts as the company’s Brand Manager, said. “We have plans to release three sets all together next because releasing two together worked well for us. We might as well continue to do what seems to be working for us.