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Building Toy Company Click-A-Brick Announces Release Of Next Three Sets

Following the success of its recent simultaneous launch of two building toy sets, Click-A-Brick has announced another simultaneous release. This time, the company will release three sets at the same time later this month. These next three sets will all have 30 pieces.

The first of the sets, Dino Pals, will have a dinosaur theme to it and will feature red, orange and white bricks. It will be able to make a Carnotaurus, Triceratops, Pteranodon, and Plesiosaur.

Featuring bricks of light green, dark green and brown, the second set, Rainforest Rascals, will have a reptile and amphibian theme, and will be able to build an iguana, a snake, a frog, a turtle and a chameleon.

And, lastly, Click-A-Brick will release a 30-piece version of its 100-piece Mighty Machines set with yellow, white and black bricks. The 30-piece version of the set is named Mini Machines.

Click-A-Brick Co-Founders Jason Smith and Georg de Gorostiza say more sets released on the same day means more choice for customers.

“We found that releasing the Feather Friends and Mighty Machines sets together worked really well,” Smith said. “It gives people a bit of variety on release day and causes a bit more excitement than if it’s just a single set. Variety is really what we are going for with this next release. Dinosaurs are hot again this year so we wanted to be sure to get in on that trend and both the Animal Kingdom Safari and Feather Friends sets are doing well, so another animal-themed set was obvious. And, we felt that people would respond well to a smaller version of Mighty Machines. This way, if they want the construction set, but don’t want the full 100-piece version, they have the smaller one they can get.”

By releasing the smaller, 30-piece sets, the company hopes to encourage fans to start collecting Click-A-Brick sets.

“We know people like the larger sets with a hundred plus pieces in them, and we definitely plan on releasing more larger sets,” Smith said. “But, our thought with the three smaller 30-piece sets is that they’re more affordable for people, which will hopefully encourage them to start collecting sets. Part of the fun with building toys is amassing them so you have more bricks to make stuff with. The smaller sets will likely be easier to buy for most people, so we’re hoping they incrementally build themselves up a nice collection of Click-A-Bricks with whatever combination of sets they like.”

The sets will all be for sale on Amazon and are tentatively slated for a late July to early August release.

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