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Educational Toy Company Founders Embrace the Smart Play Trend in Education

The Toy Industry Association (TIA) of the United States has identified “Smart Play” as one of the strongest toy trends for the market. “Smart Play” corresponds to the growing share of educational and STEM based toys on the market. The co-founders of the educational toy company Click-A-Brick gladly welcome this change of course for the toy industry.

Jason Smith, Click A Brick Co-Founder, applauds this growing trend. “I can see an infusion of educational toys into the market,” Smith said. “From the traditional to the cutting edge, the new focus on playthings is using them to build essential cognitive and social skills. Here at Click-A-Brick, we have strived from the beginning to incorporate that same concept into our own line of toys. I’m glad to see that the rest of the toy industry mirrors our commitment.”

Toys that focus on building STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) skills represent a new concept for the toy industry. They can be found in all categories - from simple arts & crafts all the way to electronics. Some of these products are designed to introduce kids to robotics, advanced mathematical concepts and coding skills.

The Toy Industry of America (TIA) has collected research that states that “Smart Play” is one of the best ways to stimulate a child’s brain development. As a not for profit trade association, they are committed to representing all business involved in creating and bringing toys and youth entertainment to kids of all ages. They currently run a campaign known as Genius at Play that focuses on how important toys can be to children’s education. The tools of play can allow kids to be more creative and develop a problem solving outlook.

The Co-Founder of Click-A-Brick Georg de Gorostiza hails the TIA’s conclusions. “Smart Play boosts kid’s learning at every stage of development,” de Gorostiza said. “They bring enormous educational value and they do it all in the form of play. I believe that by incorporating Smart Play, kids can develop curiosity and a desire to explore. For example, sets like our building blocks are a great way to introduce children to math activities like comparing sizes and counting.”

The new wave of incoming toys that incorporate Smart Play can develop cognitive skills essential to both school and life. The Toy Industry of America’s 112th North American International Toy Fair, which is the largest toy marketplace in the Western Hemisphere, was the most recent host for the growing Smart Play trend.

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