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Adult-Sized Building Block Garners High Praise From Click-A-Brick

The team at Click-A-Brick are amazed at the simple ingenuity shown by EverBlocks; an interlocking, modular building block meant for making adult-sized structures; saying the concept shows just how versatile this traditional toy is.

Modeled after Legos, the interlocking blocks come in four different sizes, a variety of colors and can be used to build furniture, walls, steps, columns, entire rooms and more according to the EverBlocks website. Founded by Arnon Rosan, the company sells and rents the blocks globally and even has applications for disaster relief and military operations outlined on its website.

The blocks come in four sizes of a 12-inch long full block, a 6-inch long half block, a 3-inch long quarter block and a 12-inch finishing cap with a smooth side. Durable and reusable, the blocks can be taken apart and reassembled as required without tools. Additional stabilization accessories can be purchased for larger projects. EverBlock is made of a rigid polypropelyne co-polymer that is chemical and weather resistant.

Click-A-Brick Co-Founders Jason Smith and Georg de Gorostiza say EverBlocks are equal parts ingenious and simple.

“The concept behind EverBlocks is so simple, the really amazing thing is that nobody thought of this sooner,” Smith said. “Construction is shifting to a more modular form, and Arnon spotted that trend and combined it with a product that almost everyone had while growing up, meaning they instinctively know how to build with them already as adults. And who wouldn’t want to build something with these things. They have that magnetism to them that just makes people want to pick them up and start building with them. Although they have some really practical purposes, even just getting the chance to build with giant building blocks would get people interested in them.”

Using a classic toy design adds a touch of nostalgia to EverBlocks and gives it a familiarity for people, the toy entrepreneurs say.

“I feel like I could start building with these as soon as I saw them,” de Gorostiza, who also acts as Click-A-Brick’s Brand Manager, said. “Just looking at EverBlocks brings back memories, but also gets the imagination running wild thinking about what a person could build with them. That such a simple toy could actually be turned into a functional building material and be used at special events and even for temporary medical building is amazing. I think we’ve all imagined when we were kids about building a house or something out of building blocks and while EverBlocks can’t quite do that, even making temporary little shelters and other buildings would be great. And we especially like the fact that these aren’t just a novelty item. They have some really practical uses and that makes them even better.”

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