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Toy Company Click-A-Brick Celebrated Holidays at Sunrise Children’s Hospital

The founders of the educational toy company Click-A-Brick celebrated the upcoming holiday season at the Sunrise Children’s Hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada. The building block company sponsored a charity event on Friday, December 4th, 2015. There were a series of representatives from the company in attendance to hand out Click-A-Brick toy sets and interact with the children. They were also accompanied at the event by a representative from the North Pole: Santa Claus.

The company organized the event in accordance to their founding mission, which is to provide great experiences for children. The aim of the independent toy company Click-A-Brick was to offer an opportunity for children to play with toys and interact with Santa Claus. The Click-A-Brick employees at the event also engaged the children in free play and activities involving the company’s signature line of building blocks.

The Co-Founder of Click-A-Brick, Jason Smith, reflected in the charity event. “We wanted to celebrate the holidays,” Smith said. “And we wanted to do so beyond the boundaries of our company. We wanted to spread the spirit of the season and give all of these kids a great experience. It’s a basic part of our mission at Click-A-Brick. It doesn’t just stop at creating toy sets. It can’t just be a physical thing. The idea of fun and joy might be an intangible but you can definitely see it in the form of a child’s smile.”

The representatives from Click-A-Brick arrived at the hospital with a multitude of toy sets. Alongside them was Santa Claus with a red sack. The employees of the company and Santa Claus proceeded to distribute toys to all of the available children.

Afterwards, the children had the opportunity to interact with the representatives from Click-A-Brick. They engaged in a half hour of free play, assembling items from the different sets and participating in different activities. The Click-A-Brick employees on hand were Javier Hernando and Samantha Cumpton. The Co-Founder of Click-A-Brick, Georg de Gorostiza, was also present to oversee the event.

“It was a fantastic experience,” Georg de Gorostiza remarked. “I think the children had a great time. Which was what we hoped to accomplish from the outset. I believe that’s the purpose of the holiday season, to spread joy and cheer where one can. It can seem so simple, the act of playing, but it really has such profound consequences. It’s what we remember the most from our childhood. So, whenever we can offer these experiences, we will. The laughter of a child can be a joyous thing. At Click-A-Brick we hope to hear it everywhere we go.

The charity event was was coordinated by Click-A-Brick and the Sunrise Children’s Hospital.
Fox Five News was on hand to cover the occasion. The toy company can be reached for commentary through their web portal.

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