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Non-Toy Presents Are Some Of The Best Gifts For Girls And Boys Says Click-A-Brick

A new list of non-toy gift ideas for children have executives at toy company Click-A-Brick praising the novel approach to holiday gift giving, saying the best gifts for boys and girls aren’t necessarily always in toy form.

Washington Post writer Jamie Davis Smith’s 10 non-toy gift ideas for children include simple things like creating a personal space for children within the home where they can read or make art projects undisturbed. Other novel ideas that don’t include toys are to take out a magazine subscription in a child’s name, giving them gift certificates to their favorite restaurants, museum memberships, live event tickets, decision making abilities like what the family should have for dinner or where they should go for day trips (in the form of coupons they can use when they want to make those decisions), mommy/daddy dates (again in the form of coupons they can use) or letting them help in the planning of the next family vacation. The ideas that don’t have tangible items to wrap can be represented by related items that can be boxed and wrapped so the child has something to open on Christmas Day, Smith says.

“There are plenty of alternatives that children will enjoy just as much as new toy but won’t add to the clutter,” Smith said. “Even better, many non-toy gifts lead to enriching experiences, learning, and valuable family time.”

It’s the enrichment to children’s lives that has Click-A-Brick Co-Founders Jason Smith and Georg de Gorostiza so pleased to see a list like this circulating amid the myriad hot toy lists that crop up at this time of year. Non-toy gifts can help children in their development as much as or even more than educational toys, Smith says.

“We’ve always maintained that we’re not just about selling toys,” Smith said. “We are about enriching children’s lives and educating them, which is why we like to see ideas like this that put children’s development first over the latest hot toy trend that may or may not be beneficial to kids. Letting them have some say in decisions that affect the whole family -- even if that is just what to eat for dinner or where to go for the weekend -- is just as educational for children as any toy could be. It allows them to use logical thinking and teaches them about decision making. In fact, we’d say a non-toy gift could be one of the best gifts for boys and girls this Christmas. That’s not something you hear everyday from a toy company executive, but it’s true.”

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