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Click-A-Brick Offers Tips For Using Educational Toy To Teach About Dinosaurs

Founder and Owner of educational toy company Click-A-Brick Georg de Gorostiza has come up with tips for parents to help turn the Carnivores set into a learning tool to teach their children about the world of long-extinct giant lizards.

The businessman says he wants parents to be able to use the Carnivores set to teach their children about the various carnivorous dinosaurs the set makes, as well as learning about dinosaurs in general.

“We always try to keep the focus with Click-A-Brick on learning,” de Gorostiza said. “We don’t believe kids should just learn about the latest cartoon characters and movie franchises. We believe they should also learn about the history of the world and we want our customers to keep that in mind when they buy Click-A-Brick. Kids love learning about animals and dinosaurs hold a special place for kids because they are so fascinating. What kid hasn’t dreamed of seeing a real dinosaur? The Carnivores set is a great introduction to dinosaurs for young kids.”

In the interest of using Click-A-Brick as an educational tool, de Gorostiza has come up with a list of three ways that parents can use the set as a segue for children to learn about the actual carnivorous dinosaurs that used to roam the planet.

1. Read dinosaur books and build the dinosaurs that are in those books.

Although those long dinosaur names can be extremely tricky to pronounce, de Gorostiza says, parents can still give it a shot. Together, parents and children can look at the pictures, decide which dinosaurs they want to try making, and build them together. The Carnivores set has instructions for building a tyrannosaurus rex, a spinosaurus, a mosasaur, a pterodactyl and two velociraptors.

2. Research the dinosaurs in the set and talk about them while helping children build them.

How much research parents want to put in is up to them, de Gorostiza says, but just a few minutes of reading can turn any parent into a near expert on a given dinosaur. Then, they can talk with their children as they’re building the dinosaur with them. The Click-A-Brick founder and owner notes that kids tend to learn best when they aren’t even aware that they’re learning.  

3. Visit a natural history museum and identify the dinosaurs in the Carnivores set.

Natural history museums are already great places to take children, de Gorostiza says, but parents can make the trips there even better by identifying the dinosaurs they see there that are also in the Carnivores set or by seeing what dinosaurs are represented at the museum and then building them with their Click-A-Bricks when they get home.