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Head Of Educational Learning Toy Company Click-A-Brick Laments Closing Of Iconic Toys R Us

The Rise and Fall of Toys R Us from CNBC.

 The Founder and Owner of learning toy company Click-A-Brick, Georg de Gorostiza, has lent his voice to the growing chorus of lamentation over the potential closing of iconic toy store chain Toys R Us across the United States.

De Gorostiza says that, like most people who grew up in the ‘80s, he has fond memories of visiting the toy retailing giant and wandering the aisles looking at all the different toys. With the chain having filed for bankruptcy in January of this year and having closed its locations in the United Kingdom, it was then in danger of having to liquidate its over 800 locations Stateside.

This means he may not get to take his children to Toys R Us for that same magical experience he had growing up, de Gorostiza says, and he may never get to see Click-A-Brick in a Toys R Us, which was a goal he had for the company.

“It seems like nobody saw the potential closing of Toys R Us coming,” de Gorostiza said. “We certainly didn’t here at Click-A-Brick. Toys are such a huge business. This closing means we might never be able to reach a personal goal of mine to walk into a Toys R Us and see our toys on the shelf in the building toys aisle. As a toy brand, getting onto the shelves at Toys R Us would be the ultimate sign that we had made it. It’s also too bad that we may never know that thrill or have the satisfaction of watching the excitement on our children’s faces when walking into what can only be described as a toy wonderland.”

Mostly done in by online shopping, particularly on Amazon, and poor business management, Toys R Us had announced the closing of 185 U.S. locations earlier this year in January. After the mega-chain could not find a buyer and its creditors rejected a restructuring plan to stave off going under in March, rumors were running rampant that the retail giant would have to shutter the remaining 700 stores across the U.S., as well.  

While he is sad to see the slow demise of the big box toy store, de Gorostiza says he is confident that it won’t cause too much disruption in toy sales, as people have been switching to shopping primarily online for several years now. The potential closing of Toys R Us will likely only affect the huge toy brands, as they were the only ones that could get shelf space in the store. Small brands like Click-A-Brick will remain largely unaffected, he says, because their business models generally don’t include being on shelves in brick-and-mortar shops.