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Educational Learning Toy Company Highly Successful With First Two Sets

Click-A-Brick is anticipating a lucrative third quarter for 2015 after its first two educational learning toy sets have seen sales increase throughout the year. Both its Animal Kingdom Safari and Army Defenders sets have settled into a steady pace after initial surges upon release this past December and April, respectively.

Co-founders Georg de Gorostiza and Jason Smith say they are pleased with how well Click-A-Brick has been received by the public. The pair has reached and surpassed all the goals they’ve set for the company and they expect this year’s third quarter to go much the same way and they’re anticipating a boost in the fourth quarter from the expected Christmas rush.

“It’s been a real learning experience for us, finding out what works in terms of promotion and what people are looking for in educational toys,” said de Gorostiza, who also acts as the company’s brand manager. “We’ve gone from wide-eyed newcomers to the scene to
confident and -- dare I say -- savvy businessmen fairly quickly. We’re a long way from being seasoned veterans, of course, but through some trial and error, we believe we have found a formula that seems to work for us. We can’t wait to introduce some new sets and keep the momentum going.”

The businessmen credit the feedback they’ve received from their customers for a large part of their success and plan to continue gathering information from customers via polls and surveys on what they’d like to see from Click-A-Brick.

“If there is one thing we’ve definitely learned from our short time running this business, it’s that listening to the customer is key. We’ve continually asked our customers what they like about the product, what direction they want to see us going in and how we can better serve them. Modern business practices dictate that you have to engage your customers and listen to them and we consider ourselves a modern business. Being a ‘little guy’ allows us to be nimble and react quickly to what our customers say they’d like to see. It’s an advantage that we’ve learned to use.”

Future plans for the company will see the possibility of releasing more gender-specific educational learning toy sets, having a goal on the number of sets to release for this year and next and exploring the possibility of introducing Click-A-Brick to some brick and mortar toy stores. Currently, Click-A-Brick is available online at Amazon.