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Building Block Toy Company Click-A-Brick Lauds New Modern Dad Survey Results

According to a study done by Hot Wheels maker Mattel, fathers are playing a more important role in the lives of their children than ever before and they want to make a more positive impact on their children’s lives and spend more time with them. This is great news for the team at building block company Click-A-Brick, as they’ve always been proponents of parents being more involved in their children’s lives, even during play.

“We know that while dads and mums roles are converging, gaps still remain, but it is interesting in the research that a high percentage of modern day dads aspire to increased involvement in the household,” vice president of global consumer insights at Mattel, Michael Shore, said in a statement about the study.

This insight into modern dads is welcome news to Click-A-Brick Co-Founders Jason Smith and Georg de Gorostiza, both of whom are fathers themselves. The pair of business partners have long been advocates of encouraging parents to play with their children, particularly for the purpose of educational play, and seeing definitive proof that modern fathers want to take a more active role in their children’s development fits right in with what Click-A-Brick stands for as a company.

“We like seeing study results like this,” Smith said. “It tells us that we’re on the right track with Click-A-Brick. As fathers ourselves, we can appreciate these findings and they speak to us on a few different levels. As modern dads, we totally agree that fathers want to be more involved with their children and have a long-lasting and positive impact on them. Traditionally, dads have been portrayed as poor communicators who either don’t want to or cannot take an active role in their children’s lives. But, that’s just not true and this survey shows that. The fact that it’s done by a toy company just makes it that much better.”

Fathers seem to be appreciating Click-A-Brick so far, with one female reviewer on Amazon saying her husband was keen on playing with the Army Defenders set when it arrived. The Click-A-Brick team points to this as an indication of how traditional toys like building blocks or toy cars can take fathers back to their childhood and make them want to play with their kids even more. These types of traditional toys hold a certain nostalgia for adults and since they grew up playing with them, they also have a familiarity with them that they may not have with modern toys, Smith says. They already ‘know’ how to play with them so they don’t have to learn any new technology or figure anything out to use them, the Click-A-Brick Co-Founder notes, which makes them easy for adults to pick up and play with.