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Toy Company Founders Approve of New Star Wars Science Toys

Uncle Milton launched a new series of toys in their Star Wars Science line. The toy line was created in partnership with Lucasfilm. Each product is inspired by the technology featured in the world of the Star Wars films franchise. The objective of the line is to connect children to real scientific principles and foster science based learning.

There are a wide variety of science areas that children can discover through the Star Wars Science line. From Neuroscience to Astronomy, Light and Optics to Aerodynamics, each one offers a unique approach to learning and is designed to draw parallels between the film franchise and real science. Each item is also a collectible product from the Star Wars universe.

The Co-Founder of Click-A-Brick, Jason Smith, endorses the toy line. “It’s a fantastic way to get kids involved with science,” Smith said. “The Star Wars franchise is deeply steeped in science. The films utilize it to tell their story and therefore stretch the imagination. Using that to make a connection with children can only help to foster their interest in science. At Click-A-Brick, we developed our toy lines with those same principles in mind.”

The Uncle Milton toy company is a leader in the science and educational toy category. It was founded in 1946 and holds many top entertainment and educational licenses as well as proprietary brands. Its mission is to create products that inspire imagination and learning while encouraging kids to explore and discover their world.

The four new additions to the toy line were launched on Friday, September 4th - also known as Force Friday. The Jedi™ Holocron is an artificial intelligence that guesses what you're thinking in 20 questions or less. The Jedi Force™ Levitator is a static electricity generator that allows users to suspend and move objects in mid-air using electrostatic force. The Force™ Trainer II allows children to move holograms with a Bluetooth headset that reads and interprets brainwaves. The Millennium Falcon™ UV Light laser lets children experiment with glowing ultraviolet light.

Georg de Gorostiza, Co-Founder of Click-A-Brick, admires the toy line. “I think it lets children experience the world of Star Wars in a whole new way,” de Gorostiza said. “They can connect to the universe of the films through real scientific principles. The toys give them the freedom to perform their own experiments and encourages them to explore and discover their world. That’s something we can identify with at Click-A-Brick. We’re a learning toy company and we believe in helping children use their imaginations and think critically. Our emphasis is on creating endless possibilities of discovery for children.”

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