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Building Block Company Click-A-Brick Listens To Fans, Announces Booster Box

Building block company Click-A-Brick is responding to fans that have continually requested more eyes, spinners, and wheels for their Click-A-Brick sets by announcing the launch of its 16-piece Booster Box to fulfill this need.

The Booster Box, slated for release later this month, will contain four eye pieces, which can be used to give creations a distinct face; eight spinner pieces, which can be used to make one area of a creation spin while still being connected to the rest of the creation, and four wheels, which can be used to give a creation the ability to roll.

The team at Click-A-Brick said they’ve received numerous requests from customers to purchase individual pieces like eyes, spinners, and wheels, so it just made sense to make them available in one package.

“Lots of fans were connecting with us via email or social media wondering if they could purchase individual pieces,” Click-A-Brick Co-Founder Jason Smith said. “It’s not really feasible for us to sell the individual pieces, but we thought if we bundled them together into a little add-on box, that would give people what they were looking for, but also make sense for us economically. This is above all else, though, a chance for us to give our fans something they’ve been asking for. It’s our way of showing our fans that you can communicate with Click-A-Brick and we will listen to what you’re asking for.”

The Booster Box can be purchased alongside a regular 30- or 100-piece Click-A-Brick set for an added gift or it can be given to someone who already has a Click-A-Brick set to make the playing experience even better, the Click-A-Brick crew says.

“For anyone who already has a Click-A-Brick set or multiple sets, this would be an ideal add-on for them,” Click-A-Brick Co-Founder and Brand Manager Georg de Gorostiza said. “With the eyes, it allows kids to make more animals or people if they want. And the extra spinners are great for building more vehicles, especially if they have spinning parts like helicopters. They can also use them to build just off the wall creations with spinning parts. Who knows what kids will come up with. The wheels are, of course, great for making more vehicles. We just wanted something that would take the fun of Click-A-Brick and stretch it out even further for kids.”

The new add-on set, which will be for sale on both the Click-A-Brick Amazon page and the building block company’s website, will retail for $4.99. The co-founders say they wanted to make the Booster Box affordable for customers so they can add it to their purchase of a set if they want without adding too much expense.

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