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Building Block Toy Company Click-A-Brick Announces Toy Chest Giveaway Winners

Building block toy company Click-A-Brick is pleased to announce the winners of its Toy Chest Giveaway promotion that ran on Facebook from July 10 - 19. The company congratulates Tee Anderson, Deborah Denn, Shana Hendrickson, Shari Alligood and Scott Eisenhower for being chosen as winners of the giveaway.

Each winner will receive four Click-A-Brick sets consisting of:

One 30-piece Animal Kingdom set
One 30-piece Feather Friends set
One 100-piece Army Defenders set
One 100-piece Mighty Machines set

The winners were chosen randomly among the the over 3,000 people who entered the giveaway by visiting the Click-A-Brick Toy Chest Giveaway page and filling out the entry form and submitting their information.

A bonus prize will be presented to Sarah Greer for referring Tee Anderson to the contest. Greer will receive her choice of either the Animal Kingdom or Feather Friends set.

Click-A-Brick Co-Founders Jason Smith and Georg de Gorostiza say they are pleased with the excellent participation level of the giveaway.

“Our main goals with this giveaway were to make some lucky kids happy and also promote the brand a bit more, as it is quite a new brand still,” de Gorostiza said. “We wanted to get the word out about the Feather Friends and Mighty Machines sets just put Click-A-Bricks into customers’ hands so they can go and tell everyone they know about them. We think it worked really well, as we got hundreds of participants. We can’t wait for the next giveaway. We’ve got some more sets coming out soon, so we’ll be looking to promote those. So, another giveaway may be in the works.”

As Click-A-Brick is a building toy, the company might ask people to build their best creations for a future contest to make it more interactive. Another element that may be considered for future giveaways is having a voting element to the contest, says de Gorostiza.

“We’re curious to see what Click-A-Brick fans can come up with when they’re building with it,” de Gorostiza said. “We like to see all the different things people can imagine and then bring to life using Click-A-Brick, so we’re really considering some kind of contest where people build their best creations and then submit a photo of them and get people to vote for them. This way, we can really tap into the creativity that people display with Click-A-Brick. But, this is just an idea at the moment. We’ll see how these next few new sets do and we’ll decide if we want to do another giveaway right away or maybe wait for a bit. It’s only summer, but we’ve got to start thinking about this year’s Christmas rush already, so another giveaway may have to wait for a bit.”

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