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Click-A-Brick Founders Recommend the American Journal of Play

The American Journal of Play is an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed publication that discusses the
culture and history of play. The publication is produced by the Strong Museum, a museum devoted to the study and exploration of play.

The objective of the American Journal of Play is to increase the awareness and understanding of the role of play. It is written in a straightforward style in order to incorporate a wide readership. This includes educators, psychologists, historians, museum professionals, toy and game designers, policy makers - everybody that considers play as central to the human experience.

Jason Smith, the Co-Founder of Click-A-Brick, recommends the American Journal of Play. “It’s a fantastic resource for anybody interested in play,” Smith said. “The fact that such a publication exists indicates the importance of play in our lives. There is groundbreaking research being done. All you need to do is glance at the titles of each article. Everytime I recieve the new issue I get excited. I say this as a person in the toy industry but also as a parent. The articles are professionally written but are still very accessible to the layperson. For us at Click-A-Brick, we consider play to be integral aspect of the human experience. In order for children and even adults to develop fully, play needs to be incorporated in their lives and our toy lines reflect that belief.”

The American Journal of Play is a platform where the history, science, and culture of play is discussed. The goal is to provide content from researchers, thinkers, and writers from around the world. They explore play through a variety of perspectives and lenses in articles, interviews, and book reviews. The topics range from Child development, Technology and play, Popular culture to Neuroscience, Sociology, and Anthropology.

The Co-Founder of Click-A-Brick Georg de Gorostiza praises The American Journal of Play.
“It’s indispensable,” de Gorostiza said. “The publication fosters play scholarship. It puts into perspective major themes and explores the relationship between play other aspects of human endeavour. The scholarly articles bring to the fore areas of play research that would otherwise go unnoticed. The book reviews present new and interesting publications that expand our learning horizons. From the perspective of somebody like me in the toy industry, it keeps me abreast of everything that’s happening.And I think that’s essential. At Click-A-Brick we aim to provide the very best educational play experience for children. Reading the American Journal of Play definitely helps us accomplish that.”

The American Journal of Play is a Publication of The Strong, home to the world’s largest and most comprehensive collection of historical materials related to play. Current and back issues are available online.

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