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Educational Toy Click-A-Brick Now Listed In Amazon STEM Toy Store

Educational toy company Click-A-Brick is pleased to announce that two of its sets have been accepted into the STEM Toy Store on Amazon. The 30-piece Feather Friends set and the 100-piece Mighty Machines set have both been accepted into Amazon’s toy section dedicated to toys that help children learn science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

The sets started being listed in the specialized section this month among other STEM toy offerings. Being listed in the STEM Toy Store will allow parents specifically looking for educational toys to more easily find Click-A-Brick, Co-Founder Jason Smith says.

“We are obviously thrilled with two of our sets being included in the Amazon STEM Toy Store,” Smith said. “It’s another bit of recognition of how Click-A-Brick helps children with their cognitive development, creative thinking, spatial awareness and by helping them with their fine motor skills. Some parents want STEM-related toys and having Click-A-Brick in the STEM toy section of Amazon will help those parents who are looking for educational toys find them easier.”

Although just two of Click-A-Brick’s eight available sets will be listed in the STEM Toy Store, the company is hopeful they will all eventually be listed in the specialized toy section, as all of them offer the same educational benefits to children.

Being listed in Amazon’s STEM Toy Store was a goal of the company’s when the online shopping giant first announced its creation back in March of this year, saying it planned to include toys that have “clear goals and encourage kids to learn STEM skills while having fun.”

Click-A-Brick Co-Founder and Brand Manager Georg de Gorostiza says Amazon has been extremely helpful to the company, including Click-A-Brick in the Amazon Exclusives program and now listing it under its rightful place in the STEM Toy Store.

“Amazon has really helped us grow as a company and being listed in the STEM Toy Store is just another way they are helping us get in front of customers who want to give their children educational toys,” de Gorostiza said. “We’re confident that eventually all the sets will be listed in the store, but we’re happy that even two of them are in there now because people who want to give their kids educational toys are really the audience we’re trying to reach. These people already understand the importance of STEM toys and are making a conscious effort to find these toys. It positions us nicely on Amazon and we hope to see it pay off with an uptick in sales, but we’ll see how it goes.”

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