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Click-A-Brick Launches New 100-Piece Emergency Services-Themed Educational Toy Set

Educational toy company Click-A-Brick has announced the launch of its latest educational toy offering, the emergency services-themed 100-piece Rescue Squad, which will be available on both the United States and United Kingdom Amazon sites, plus the Click-A-Brick website.

Featuring bricks of black, white, light blue, dark blue, red, yellow and clear -- and inspired by emergency services vehicles -- the Rescue Squad set comes with instructions for building a variety of emergency services vehicles, plus a robot. Wheels make it possible for children to play with the creations once they are built. And the set is compatible with the rest of Click-A-Brick’s sets.

With the 100-piece Army Defenders set being one of Click-A-Brick’s top sellers, releasing a set inspired by emergency vehicles was an obvious choice for the educational toy company, Co-Founders Jason Smith and Georg de Gorostiza say, as young children tend to like the sirens and speed associated with rescue vehicles. In fact, part of the inspiration for the theme came from Smith observing his own children’s excitement whenever seeing a police car or ambulance go speeding by.

While not all the vehicles in the set are specific to emergency services, the theme is meant to help inspire kids with their own creations, Smith says.

“The new set has a police car, a helicopter, a plane and a boat, so those are all specific to emergency rescue operations,” Smith said. “The rest of the vehicles all have something to do with speed. With the themes for the sets, we just want to give kids a jumping off point where they can begin to think about what else they can make that fits with the theme and from there, their imaginations take over and then they’re creating whatever pops into their minds.”

Releasing another set inspired by vehicles and speed is in line with Click-A-Brick’s desire to have a balance of sets. Some sets, like the new Rescue Squad, are meant to instill excitement, while others, usually the animal sets, are meant to be more about what children are interested in without necessarily being thought of as exciting.

“As we grow, we want to expand the Click-A-Brick universe and have a variety of sets,” Smith said. “For now, we are trying to have a balance between sets that really scream ‘excitement’ like the new Rescue Squad set and ones that are a bit more subdued, but that have things kids are interested in. That usually turns out to be animals because kids really love any kind of animals.”

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