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Click-A-Brick Announces Launch Of Next 30-Piece Building Brick Set

Click-A-Brick has announced the launch of its latest 30-piece building brick set, Bug’s Life, set to launch in just a couple of days. Featuring bricks of black, brown, green and with a pair of eyes, the set can build five different insects including two different beetles, a grasshopper, a cicada and a dragonfly.

Click-A-Brick Co-Founders Jason Smith and Georg de Gorostiza say they chose to release the Bug’s Life set next, as it continues with their animal themes, introducing children to the wide world of insects. Animals are among the most interesting subjects for children to explore, the co-founders say, and insects in particular hold a special fascination for kids, making it the logical choice to release next.

“Insects are a gold mine for children’s imaginations,” Smith said. “Maybe more than any other group of animals, bugs are able to really tap into a child’s imagination. They come in so many different shapes and sizes, it’s easy for kids to dive right in and start making all kinds of different bugs. We’re hoping that children respond as favorably to making insects as they do to making other types of animals. The world of creepy crawlies is big and diverse and it holds a special place for children, particularly those who show a leaning toward science. The type of kids who collect bugs in jars are probably going to enjoy this set.”

The Bug’s Life set will launch simultaneously on the building brick toy company’s Amazon pages for both the United States and United Kingdom and will soon be available on the Click-A-Brick website. With the company’s expansion into the UK in full swing, all future sets will also be released simultaneously on both Amazon sites. Being able to launch the set at the same time in the US and UK markets is an indication of how much the company has grown already in its short lifespan, the co-founders say, noting that they are able to launch sets on a regular basis now thanks in part to the rapid expansion of the company.

“It’s an exciting time at Click-A-Brick right now,” Smith said. “With the UK expansion going so well and plans for robotics-inspired sets in the works, we feel like our brand presence is growing at a remarkable pace. Pretty soon, we’ll be branching out into Europe and entering new markets there. This year is set to be a big year for Click-A-Brick as we take this brand global and we’re happy to kick off that global expansion with Bug’s Life.”

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