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Educational Toy Company Founders Praise Toy Industry of America’s Innovative Genius At Play Campaign

The Toy Industry of America is promoting an innovative campaign known as Genius at Play to foster the quality and quantity of playtime available to children.

Pediatricians recommend that children spend at least 60 minutes of every day engaged in free play. Playtime is vital to children’s emotional, mental and physical health. Toys and play can help kids achieve their developmental goals and cultivate creativity.

Click-A-Brick Co Founder Jason Smith is an avid enthusiast of the campaign. “Playtime is way more than just fun and games — it’s actually an important developmental tool. Whether it’s with your child’s stuffed animal, puzzles or even action figures, toys can ignite a child’s creativity, curiosity and critical thinking. The sets we design at Click-A-Brick all have that same purpose in mind.”

The Genius at Play campaign emphasizes the fact that kids learn how to interact with others and develop skills critical for childhood development through play.

From birth to the age of three, children’s brains are developing at a faster rate than at any other point. One of the best ways to stimulate brain development is by allowing children to play and explore objects and physical spaces, thereby learning to process sights and sounds.

Children build essential cognitive skills through play. Playtime gives kids the opportunity to hone decision-making skills. Selecting a game, focusing on that activity and seeing it through to the end is an important element of cognitive control, and helps sharpen their planning skills and attention spans.

Click-A-Brick Co Founder Georg de Gorostiza applauds the efforts of the Genius at Play campaign. “Kids need a well-balanced diet of play to develop into well-balanced adults,” de Gorostiza said. “I believe that toys and play can prepare children to enter the real world. There’s true genius involved in playtime. You can see it when they interact with their toys. Playtime can help children process, internalize and express information. They can attempt to solve real world problems in the world of their imagination. I believe that sets like ours can provide them with the instruments to develop these skills.”

The Genius at Play campaign raises awareness of how imaginative play is one of the building blocks of learning. Toys are a reflection of the diversity of our culture and experiences. They can be a tool that children use to express themselves and develop important skills that will continue to serve them throughout their lives.

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