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Building Toy Company Click-A-Brick Hails Retailers That Choose To Stay Closed on Thanksgiving

The team at building toy company Click-A-Brick are pleased to see reports that more retailers are deciding to stay closed this Thanksgiving on November 26 rather than trying to get a jump on holiday shopping by staying open and having employees work on that day.

As reported by ThinkProgress, Bedding retailer Mattress Firm, which has 2,300 stores spread throughout 38 states, will be closed on Thanksgiving, as it has since 1986. This bucks a recent trend of retailers opening on the holiday to try and lure holiday shoppers on that day, which precedes the major Christmas shopping day of Black Friday. Staples and GameStop are also going against the recent trend and staying closed this year on Thanksgiving.

“At Mattress Firm, we value the importance of family and tradition. Since 1986 we’ve set out to be a different kind of retailer, and because of that we won’t be following the trend of opening our stores on Thanksgiving Day,” President Ken Murphy said in a statement. “We appreciate the hard work and dedication of our employees throughout the year and believe they deserve to spend the holiday with their loved ones.”

Last year, a dozen major retail outlets, including Walmart, Target, Macy’s, Gap and Toys R Us opened on Thanksgiving, requiring thousands of employees to work, many of whom said they were not given any choice in the matter.

Reports on Thanksgiving Day sales have shown that rather than adding sales for retailers, staying open on the holiday merely eats into their Black Friday sales numbers. Recent years have also seen a rise in consumer backlash against retailers that choose to stay open on Thanksgiving.

Retailers planning on staying closed on Thanksgiving are getting the thumbs up from building toy company Click-A-Brick co-founders Jason Smith and Georg de Gorostiza.

“As a family company, we’re glad to see retailers put less of a focus on exploiting a holiday to make money and more of a focus on honoring the holiday by letting employees stay home and enjoy it with their families,” Smith said. “In business, it’s surprisingly easy to get caught up in just looking at the bottom line and not considering what that does to the people who are the backbone of a company; the employees. That’s why we’re happy to see the Thanksgiving Day shopping trend slowly reversing. With Black Friday being such a big draw for consumers, there’s really no need to infringe on a holiday to try and get customers in.”

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