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Educational Building Toy Company Click-A-Brick Applauds Little Proud Kid For Promoting Diversity

Educational building toy retailer Click-A-Brick says the toy industry needs small, independent toy companies like Little Proud Kid whose focus is on making the world a better place rather than solely on profit-making.

The aim of Little Proud Kid, which just recently launched, is to offer an array of multicultural toys, books and parental resources to help parents teach their children about the uniqueness of every child and to reflect the reality of the multicultural society they see everyday. The toys featured by Little Proud Kid will teach children to embrace their own unique beauty, instill self-confidence in them and encourage children to see past the things that make them different and embrace their cultural and physical identity, according to a press release from the new company.

Created by Georgia Lobban and headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, the entrepreneur started the company when she started receiving questions from her own daughter about why she looked different from so many of the toys she was playing with.

"This journey is about arming our next generation with the tools and resources to lead, become good citizens and solve the problems of the world. It begins with how they feel about themselves and each other,” Lobban said in the release.

With a marketplace full of toys and books featuring characters from many different cultures and races, Little Proud Kid aims to help frustrated parents who cannot find toys to match their own children’s ethnic background. Eventually, the company wants to begin wholesaling and supporting authors, filmmakers and toymakers who make ethnically diverse toys.

The Click-A-Brick crew -- retailers of educational building toys -- are pleased to see another small, independent toy company that is doing its best to make both the world and the toy industry in particular a better place with its actions. Click-A-Brick Co-Founders Jason Smith and Georg de Gorostiza say they are pleased to see Little Proud Kid join an ever-growing number of new toy startups who are filling in the obvious gaps in the toy industry when it comes to diversity.

“Just this year, we’ve seen so many of these little companies start popping up and saying they aren’t satisfied with what the big toy companies are offering,” Smith said. “We think this is great, not just for these companies, but for consumers in general and the toy industry as a whole. Children are impacted by the toys they play with and allowing children to interact with toys of different backgrounds tells them they belong and shows them a more accurate representation of the world. The big toy companies often overlook or just don’t pay attention to what consumers want and that leaves the gaps these little companies swoop in to fill. People are more empowered than ever to start a new company if they see something lacking and Little Proud Kid illustrates that perfectly.”

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