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Building Set Toy Company Click-A-Brick Surpasses Black Friday Sales Projections

Building set toy company Click-A-Brick is amazed with the response it received from customers on Black Friday and says the company surpassed its sales projections for the biggest Christmas shopping day of the year. With the numbers it reached, Black Friday -- as expected -- turned out to be the brand’s biggest sales day of the year so far.

Helping propel the toy’s sales this year was its listing in the Amazon STEM Toy Store, which lists toys that promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills for children. STEM toys are shaping up to be a hot ticket item for this Christmas and with the exuberant response from customers, Co-Founder Jason Smith says, it proves again to the company how much demand there is for educational toys at this time of year.

“We’re once again blown away by the enthusiasm that customers have shown for Click-A-Brick,” Smith said. “This was our first Black Friday and we set extra high sales expectations as a sort of challenge to ourselves to see if we could reach them and we did. It wasn’t quite like when we launched last year and we blew right past our sales projections in the first few weeks, but we did manage to top them and that made yesterday our biggest sales day of the year. And with the early start to Christmas shopping, which we really saw back on Sunday, it was easily the biggest week for us this year in terms of sales.”

With the big sales day, it helps to make Click-A-Brick one of the hot new toys for Christmas this year, fellow Co-Founder and Brand Manager Georg de Gorostiza said. While it has yet to make it onto any must-have toy lists, tentative plans for next year will hopefully put the build set toy on the hot toys lists for next Christmas.

“We’ve already accomplished so much in the year we’ve been around and we have some big plans coming up that we believe will put us on some of those must-have toy lists next year and make next year’s Black Friday even bigger than this year’s for us,” de Gorostiza said. “We’ll have new sets coming out, some of them that are motorized, and we’ll be expanding into the United Kingdom soon and into Europe soon after that, hopefully. We’ve got feelers out in parts of Asia and we still plan to get into retail stores someday. We might even be able to snag some of those lucrative licensing deals that can really propel a toy brand into the stratosphere. We just feel like with the interest we’re generating, Click-A-Brick is poised to be a hot toy to have this Christmas and for sure by next Christmas. Only time will tell of course, but the future looks bright for us coming off our biggest sales week of the year. And we haven’t even hit Cyber Monday yet. We might even surpass Black Friday.”

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